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3 Meter Magnetic Fridge Charging Cable

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This unique 3-meter Magnetic Fridge Charging Cable has been specially designed for Dock Dock! It is the only 3 meters long magnetic USB cable on the market globally.

The 3M Magnetic Fridge Charging Cable is included in the Deluxe Dock Dock! version and can be purchased separately. It exists in Micro-USB and USB C to fit all Android tablets on the market.

With the 3-meter Magnetic Fridge Charging Cable, charge your tablet without the hassle of inserting and taking out the USB plug into your tablet's USB port. Insert the magnetic plug adapter once and for all in your tablet's USB port, and voilà! You'll never have to look for the USB port ever again! From now on, when you want to dock your tablet on the fridge, the cable will automagically "fly" itself to the connector in a very cool way thanks to the magnetic attraction.

To remove the tablet from the fridge, just grab it and the cable will disconnect, keeping your setup safe.

Your kitchen is in the dark at night? No problem! A subtle micro LED at the tip of the cable guides you to find it easily. No need to turn on the lights! 

No need to worry about the length also, as we offer a 3-meter length which is more than enough to reach the wall socket behind the biggest fridges. Too bad this brilliant cable has to be hidden!