Dock Dock!

Dock Dock! for Android

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Dock Dock! is a kit that magnetically holds your tablet on your fridge and transforms it into a Smart Fridge. With your tablet docked at eye level, you can read recipes, make reminders, talk to your loved ones, capture snaps, and so much more.

The Dock Dock! kit for Android comes with a 3 meter long magnetic charging cable which removes the hassle of plugging/unplugging the USB cable in the socket.

The magnetic charging connector plugs into the charging port of your tablet. It magnetically connects with a magnetic adapter which is plugged into the charging cable's tip, charging the tablet wirelessly.

To remove the tablet from the fridge, just grab it and the cable will disconnect safely. When docking your tablet on the fridge, the cable will kind of "fly" itself in a very cool way to the connector thanks to magnetic attraction. You don't have to look for that little USB plug.

In the dark at night? No problem! A subtle micro LED at the tip of the cable guides you to find it easily. No need to turn on the lights! 

Dock Dock! kit for Android also works with your Android smartphone. You'll just get a smaller screen. 


NOTE: The tablet and wall charger are not included in the kit.