About Us

Dock Dock! is an innovation launched in 2019 by the founders of ExploLab, eduPad (+10M users) and Monster Messenger (sold to Facebook in 2019).

Most of us own a tablet. Most of these devices are taking dust somewhere in the living room or in a closet. And the day we want use our tablet, odds are it’s discharged and useless. Ever bigger phones and Smart Assistants seem to have made tablets irrelevant.                

Tablets are great though: they have much bigger screens than phones, they are much skinnier and versatile than Smart Assistants and they are mobile which Smart Assistants are not.

We have decided to give a second life to tablets by giving them a mission: to help you every day!

After developing and testing of tens of prototypes, we’ve settled for a minimalist, universal design.

Dock Dock! is a kit which magnetically docks and charges your tablet on your fridge, transforming your fridge into a Smart Fridge... at a fraction of the price. Use it directly on the fridge or grab it and take it for instance to your worktop to follow a recipe or to the couch to watch a movie.

With Dock Dock! and its companion app for Android, your tablet is always on, always charged and always useful, available for everyone in the family on the cornerstone of the kitchen: your fridge.

Dock Dock! makes your tablet great again and transforms your fridge into a smart fridge.