Best iPad Stand by Dock Dock!

Dock Dock iPad table stand

You can now dock your iPad on your fridge and even stand it at your table in a minimalist form. You will never forget to carry the stand along as it becomes part of the tablet. The kit is ultra-thin foldable and changes the way you use your iPad.

The iPad Stand can make your iPad convenient to use and other benefits of this Kit are:

  • Ultra-lightweight & Reusable Adhesive: slim laptop stands as thick as paper, only 0.01inch, weights 30grams
  • Portable & Folding: Adjustable tablet stand makes it easier to work anywhere, you'll never forget to carry the stand for the tablet because it becomes part of it.
  • This gives a great inclination to the tablets and makes it easier to put on any tabletop or Kitchen top.
  • You can watch videos, click snaps, stream Netflix and many more anywhere even at your kitchen, room or dining table.

The Dock Dock! kit makes interaction with Siri even more efficient as it is always at your eye level and not lying flat on the surface.

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