10 benefits of a Dock Dock Smart Fridge!

We all love to multitask in the kitchen while cooking, but it’s difficult to find a place to keep your phone. A small screen makes it difficult to read recipes, and all this may lead to a lot of chaos.

Dock Dock! solves these issues. It gives a new life to your fridge and tablet. Dock Dock! is a magnetic tablet holder kit that enhances your life in the kitchen by docking and charging your tablet on the fridge.

Here are 10 examples of how Dock Dock! can help you and improve your time in the kitchen:

1. Read recipes
Explore the recipes of the world, and when you have made your choice, just grab the tablet from the fridge and follow the recipe on your worktop.

2. Shopping list
Update your shopping list directly on your fridge and never miss a grocery item ever again!

3. Video calls
Call your loved ones hands-free with your tablet docked to your fridge, and stay connected.

4. Social media
We can’t live without our Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat feeds. Now, even while cooking, you can explore your favorite social media!

5. Photo slideshow
Enjoy the endless memories of these amazing times shared with your loved ones and indulge yourself in a smile while remembering.

6. Reminders and to-do lists
Set reminders and update your daily to-do list. You'll never miss an important task, meeting, or anniversary ever again--promise! 

7. Snap & share!
Take a picture of the dish you just cooked, or take a quick selfie with friends or family. Boom, it’s shared!

8. Read the news
Don’t have time to read the news with your busy schedule? Dock Dock! makes it super easy to keep you up to date in a glance.

9. Notepad
Dock Dock! enables you to keep notes on your fridge with ease. Keep a note of all important things right at your eye level.

10. Order food
Not in the mood for cooking? Order directly through your fridge. Just download your favorite food delivery app and enjoy the ease of food delivered to your door.

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